Understandably, some of you have concerns about sending your items to us through the post. So here’s the good news, with these frames there’s no need to send us your stuff! You simply choose a size and layout from Our Shop and we’ll send you your frame and mount in the post . . . along with some pretty simple instructions on how to put them together. 

The most important thing to remember is to ignore the example race! Your just looking at the layout. Tell us your event in the comments box and we'll customise it to fit that event :)

Still a bespoke service. . . .

Many of the designs we offer can still be customised to create a frame that’s personal to you. Including the options of text, cut art (logo) and the colour scheme of the MountBoard. 

Head over to our Shop to browse through our different sizes and layouts! Click on Our Shop Link above.

*Please note we try and accommodate all requests regarding text and cut art options 

but there are some we are unable to do. We will inform you and provide you with a 

suitable alternative.