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My Story - By Leah

Framed was founded in September 2015. It was a cold blustery night and the wind was howling outside the windows . . . . 
I'm joking! The story is much less dramatic than that. I started this little business idea in my spare room 8 years ago. I was expecting my beautiful daughter Talys, and I'd decided I didn't want to return to teaching. I was a keen Triathlete and I spotted a gap in the market. Why, after all that effort does the medal and everything else end up in the drawer. Hence the company slogan - 

Display with Pride.
I couldn't be prouder of where this company is today. I am lucky enough to do a job I love everyday. This would not be posssible without the support and continued custom from all my customers, past and present. Many of whom have become firm members of the    'Framed Family'.

 Thank you to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with so far, you have brought us to where we are today.I am very much looking forward to an exciting future.

Much Love x

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